How To Install Telegram on Android

Do you want to install Telegram on your smartphone? The installation procedure is very fast. You have to download the application, install it on your mobile phone and register a user profile in Telegram. In this page I'll explain how to do it.

  1. Open PlayStore
  2. Search and select Telegram
  3. Press the Install button
  4. Type the phone number
  5. Type the username you want to use
  6. the Telegram app on Google PlayStore of Android

If you do not install Telegram with the previous quick instructions, continue reading this tutorial. I explained all the steps in detail.

Download Telegram on Android

Open Google Play Store on your smartphone.

press the Google Play Store icon on your Android smartphone

Type Telegram in the search field.

The official application you need to download is Telegram Messenger LLP.

search for Telegram on the applications available on the Play Store

Note. Other apps use symbols similar to the Telegram airplane. The official app is issued only by Telegram Messenger LLP.

You have arrived at the official Telegram page.

To start downloading the application, press the green Install button.

how to do the installation of Telegram on Android

If Google Play asks you to complete your account setup, click Continue.

Now, you have to fill in the missing data or type in Skip.

press on continue and then skip

Click on the Accept button to consent to the service, privacy and security policy, and register Telegram on your smartphone phone.

accepts the terms of use of Telegram

How long does it take to install the app? The application weighs only 18 Mega Bytes. I advise you to use a Wi-Fi connection to an ADSL line to download the application, so the download is faster and it does not consume the data traffic of your phone's SIM.

When the installation is finished, the Open and Uninstall buttons appear on the screen.

To open and start using Telegram press the green Open button.

you can open the Telegram application as soon as the installation is finished

At this point you can start registering your username on the Telegram platform and open your user profile.

Register on Telegram

There is not a lot of information required to register a new user on Telegram.

When you open Telegram for the first time, the application asks you some information about yourself.

Press the blue button to start.

it begins the procedure of first registration with Telegram

Type the phone number of your mobile phone.

Click on the tick symbol at the top right.

indicates the mobile phone number to be used on Telegram

Note. Please enter a correct phone number because Telegram will send you an SMS with a registration code.

Type the username you want to use on Telegram. The surname is optional.

Then press the check mark at the top right to confirm.

register your username and login on Telegram

The procedure is over. Now Telegram is installed on your smartphone.

A message on the display warns you that you do not have any chat yet.

the first access on Telegram

You can start using the instant messaging service for free, send messages, chat online and share photos with your friends.

To write your first message on Telegram press the blue icon at the bottom right.

You have installed Telegram on your smartphone

The Telegram icon has been added to your mobile applications and you can access the instant messenger at any time.

the icon to access Telegram from Android

If you want, you can also install Telegram on your PC and log in with the same account to the messaging software both on your smartphone and on your home PC.

To write this tutorial I installed Telegram on a smartphone with an Android operating system. The procedure is similar even if you have to install it on your tablet. It is instead slightly different if you use an Apple iPhone and iPad on the iOS system and Windows Phone.

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